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River Valley Farm is a 300-cow, family farm operated by Gregg and Cindy Sauder and their seven children. The farm was founded in 2006 and is home to more than 125 of the breed’s highest genomic females, three U.S. National Champions, two World Dairy Expo Grand Champions, the 2014 World Dairy Expo Supreme Champion, a Canadian National Champion and many All-American and All-Canadian nominees and winners. Through an aggressive on-farm flush program, River Valley works to establish a unique herd of cows that deliver genetics to the global marketplace that producers can believe in.

Our Philosophy

What are Cows of Impact?

We believe deeply in the potential of genomics when used in combination with the power of common sense. To us — and we believe to many dedicated cattle breeders and business-minded producers — bulls from generations of proven purebred dams matter. The genetics and success of our breeding program performs in the real world and outside of just numbers on paper. These beliefs inspired our tagline GENETICS TO BELIEVE IN. To us, this is much more than a tagline in our advertisements – it’s what drives and inspires us every day.  

It’s no secret that we love beautiful cows and first-rate families that generation after generation produce inspiring females that drives profit, satisfaction and success. We believe in great cows that produce exceptional offspring and have the potential for far reaching influence. These are what we call Cows of Impact. These are the cows that leave a lasting impression in the breed and grab the attention of the industry. Cows of Impact are the ones people dream about and admire for their individual greatness, not because they are just one of the thousands that get lost in the corral. These cows standout and become household names as they make their Impact through their sons and daughters.

Our goal is that the dams of the sires in our program are just that kind. Breed-leading females that can provide dairy producers around the globe with genetics they can trust from cow families they can truly respect. It is our passion to develop these Cows of Impact that will deliver GENETICS TO BELIEVE IN. 

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Guelph, Ontario – As the fastest growing AI company in the world, Semex and genetic powerhouse, River Valley Farm, are thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership and the stud code series… 0200JE10000. Semex is now home to the River Valley Farm Bull Program and it’s star-studded lineup of over 25 young sires including Craze, VIP, Rockstar, Change-Up, Checkmate and Racer all available from Semex in the Fall of 2016.

Semex has been River Valley Farm’s exclusive IVF embryo producer through Semex’s Boviteq, making this new partnership a natural progression.

“Semex’s Boviteq has been our exclusive IVF embryo provider since 2013,” says David Jordan, River Valley Farm General Manager. “We’ve seen first-hand their commitment to technology, innovation and customer service. From Boviteq to Immunity+™ to research dollars invested to their rapid market growth, Semex was an easy choice for us when we began re-evaluating our Bull Program.”

This new partnership expands the Semex Jersey lineup to the fastest growing in the industry, and gives nearly immediate access to some of the Jersey breed’s most in-demand young sires. River Valley Farm’s maternal lines include 160 of the breed’s top JPI™ females following the August genetic evaluation as well as: three US National Show Champions; three World Dairy Expo Grand Champions; a World Dairy Expo Supreme Champion; a Canadian National Champion; and many All-Americans and All-Canadians.

“Collaborating with industry-leading River Valley Farms and the entire Sauder Family is something we can not be more excited about,” says Brad Sayles, Vice President Product Development & Genetic Solutions. “At Semex we believe in cultivating long-lasting partnerships, and we see this relationship really benefiting our clients globally. Available very soon will be sires that rank at the top of Jersey listings, including seven bulls over 190 JPI, 12 greater than 21 JUI, six bulls over 90 CFP, and three, ShowTime™ sires including a son of the 2014 World Dairy Expo Supreme Champion Venus!”

For more information on Semex visit www.semex.com. For more information on River Valley Farm visit www.rivervalleyfarm.com.


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