River Valley Farm offers GENETICS TO BELIEVE IN through a line of elite sires found in the stud code series 200JE10000 at Semex and 7JE5000 at Select Sires. The group of bulls found in both programs offer deep cow families, great udders, profitable production and show-winning style. We know not everyone’s goals are the same. And that’s a-okay with us. Our goal is to have a diverse lineup of sires available in A.I., so you can find anything you want anytime you need it. For genomics, type or ideally the best of both, turn to sires from River Valley Farm.


River Valley Spice SHOWDOWN

7JE5015 | Show Style
Are you ready to go head-to-head in the big ring? Let's get ready for a SHOWDOWN! He's the exciting new bull with a unique sire stack and different cow family. Backed by the two-time All American and once reserve SPICE, he comes from a cow family that is proving to be one of the strongest and different in the type world today.  Two-generations of Expo winners, four-generations of Excellent dams, and an all-star cow family anchored by the 10-star brood cow Bri-Lin Imperial Snow. Add style, add stature, add quality, add dairy character and add great udders -- when you add SHOWDOWN.

  • High Style
  • Deep Cow Family
  • Unique Sire Stack
  • Great Udders
To order direct from Select Sires, contact Herby Lutz at 614-570-2444 or

how to use this bull

Use SHOWDOWN for refinement, style and to improve udders -- especially for strong fore udder attachment and for shallow udder depth. Cross him on VERONICA sons,  TEQUILA, HIRED GUN, MINISTER, EXCITATION, and many more.